Spicy Thai Stew

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So, maybe I am actually back in the practice of adding to my blog? Or maybe I am so excited about things I have been cooking lately, that I want to share it with someone!! Tonight, it is a Spicy Thai Stew. I found the recipe at Vegan Peace, reprinted from Dreena Burton's The Everyday Vegan and it was fantastic. There are a couple of ways I deviated from the recipe: I used chili paste instead of the chili pepper, I used natural peanut butter instead of the almond butter, I used bok choy instead of chard and I used way more than 4 Tbs of cilantro, perhaps double that - what can I say, I L-O-V-E cilantro. I also served it over brown rice and it was really REALLY good - a keeper! Take a look:

I'll start with the second topic mentioned in my title: Seriously, I mix together two cups of whole grain pastry flour (I am sure any would do), 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of baking powder, 2 cups of soy milk and 2 TBS of oil and voila - perfectly delicious and simple vegan pancakes. Of course, I rarely make a pancake without including blueberries, lots of small native Maine blueberries, so I beg the question: why is there no restaurant in this wonderful city that will make such a thing?

And now, motivations to being a vegan. I am a vegan for health reasons. I've suffered from chronic aches and pains throughout most of my adult life, in one form or another. I have tried PT, regular exercise, supplements - all to no avail. Then I went to a OT who suggested I remove sugars from my diet. I did it for a month and I did feel better, but seriously, no sugars, ever?! No juice, no wine, careful on the fruits and veggies I eat?? Needless to say, not the ideal diet for me. So then I was at the gym one day, sweating my tail off on the elliptical and I caught the end of Ellen where she has these guests I had never heard of - Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. I could only catch a snippet of it, but what I hear, I like, and it turns out they wrote a book, so I buy it: Skinny Bitch. Then, like a week later, I am sitting at a restaurant and a friend of mines parents tell me about another book The China Study, and then it's on! I try it for a month and I am hooked - both on the food I have been eating and how I feel. This is how I came to be vegan for health reasons. I still wear leather and wool and alpaca and hell, I even bought a yak sweater for my husband this past Christmas. Does this make me a bad vegan? Or maybe I'm not a true vegan? Do I have to stipulate that in conversations with other vegans? Oh, I also eat honey! The whole thing is a little confusing to me. Truly, I am comfortable calling myself a vegan but it does get a little weird for me if I go to a vegan event and I am sporting my leather Danskos.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen some footage and read some detailed accounts about the treatment of animals that absolutely disgusts me, but I am just not sure I can take that step to remove all animal products from my life. I also do NOT want to become of those people that protests and throws paint. The one exception to this is that I would protest a circus... they are disgusting and they make me sick.

So, what do you think: are there other people who share my practices? Maybe I should call myself a "dietary vegan"?