I am not sure what came over me, but I got all adventurous - vegan style - today. First, there are a couple of products, both cheeses that I have been wanting to try... Dr Cow and Teese. Now, I completely understand why Dr Cow isn't available locally, but I have no idea why the many local natural / vegan / whatever groceries have not picked up Teese... it seems like I can't go a week without one or more of the vegan blogs I follow making something with it. So, today I ordered them BOTH off of VeganEssentials.com. I can't wait to get 'em!

The 2nd adventure I had today was that I made vegan buffalo wings... anyone who knew me in my omnivore days knows that one thing I loved and did a pretty darn good job of making, was buffalo wings. Now that I have been vegan for more than a year, I decided it was time I tried them. I found a wing recipe here at Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk and even found a vegan blue cheese dressing recipe here at Munchy's page on Group Recipes and the verdict? WOW! I couldn't be happier! The only things I did different or want to note are:
  • I had to double all of the dipping ingredients for the wings. It's probably because I used my fingers and a great deal of the ingredients ended up coating my fingers, but nonetheless...
  • I did not use the posted sauce recipe as I have a favorite that was given to me years ago by one of the best wing makers ever, Jon Jay.
  • I omitted the tofu from the blue cheese dressing. It seemed like it was only there for the texture and I did not have any thawed.

Check 'em out!