Before going veg, Key Lime Pie was one of my favorite desserts - I'm just NOT that into chocolate and there was always something light (ya right) and refreshing a bout Key Lime Pie. Well, since I have gone veg, I have not tried nor have I attempted any recipes to replicate my Key Lime splendor - that is, until now. When my new issue of Vegetarian Times magazine arrived and I read it from cover to cover, I couldn't help but notice the Key Lime Pie recipe contained therein. This recipe was different in that is wasn't just a bunch of tofu and lime juice - I was intrigued.

So, I made it and brought it to a friend's house last night for dinner. It was REALLY good! The lime flavor was great - the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The texture was good, although because it contained cashews, it was not quite the smooth, silky texture of the egg yolk and condensed milk laden classic version, but I hardly noticed. I really, REALLY liked it. In fact, if you like Key Lime Pie, I would say rush out and grab this month's (February 2010) issue of Vegetarian Times so you too can have the recipe! If you happen to doubt me, the only other evidence I can provide is that of my hosts' reaction... I was advised, after consuming the dessert course, that it would be ok if I left the Key Lime Pie behind. :-)

Sorry for the sad picture of this single piece of pie. I neglected to take pics when it was whole and this is the piece I did bring home with me to enjoy!

Incidentally, making this recipe also gave me the opportunity to try out my new gadget - a Cuisinart Elite Die Cast 12 Cup Food Processor. It has two bowls - a large and a small one, two adjustable blades that perform a total of like 8 functions and three blades. After this, its maiden voyage, all I can say is FABULOUS! I L-O-V-E-D that I had two bowls to use and therefore did not have to take the time to wash the bowl between smashing my graham crackers and pulverizing my filling ingredients into submission... very cool! I also really liked the 1000 watt motor, which proved it's worth when dealing with the cup of whole cashews in this recipe. I look forward to having more excuses to use it!