Ok, not really juice, but Diet Pepsi. Today is my one month anniversary since I have ingested a DP... pretty cool!

Bo and I went to Atlanta last week and my in-laws were great about trying to accommodate my eating preferences. On our last full day there, Mom and Dad wanted to eat someplace Vegan,. so they could see what it was like. We found this fabulous restaurant in Buckhead called Cafe Sunflower. I cannot wait to go back! My FIL even had desert - a chocolate peanut butter pie which he LOVED and it was mostly tofu... go dad! Everyone really enjoyed their meals. Truth be told, the only one I was concerned about was dad.

I have started reading this book called The China Study. Wow... did you know they (the rest of the world) refers to cancer and heart disease as WESTERN DISEASES. OMG... this was news to me... kinda scary news. How is it that the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world, the one who spends the most on health care lays claim to the most horrible diseases?!? It's our diet and lifestyle. The more I read this book, the more I want everyone I love to be vegan. It has definitely shown me how people can become extremists and even preachy about the subject... this is some really scary shit!

About my veganism... I am loving it! I am excited about the foods I can cook and the new veggies I can incorporate into my diet. I know I do not have to be vegan to have to do this, but it has been a great motivator. During my recent trip to Atlanta, I also found 2 new cookbooks: the cookbook from Cafe Sunflower (of which I was excited to see they have included many recipes from their restaurant) and also The Joy of Vegan Baking, which has some fabulous recipes for everything from biscuits and cornbread to apple and pumpkin pies.

Bo is also being amazingly supportive. Do you know he actually requested soy half-n-half for his coffee the other day when we were at the grocery store. It means so much to me that he is being so wonderful and supportive about this. How lucky am I??

I guess that's all for now.