So, my grand plans of cooking and experimenting this week fell by the wayside. I figured with my husband away for the week, I'd have time, right? Well... Monday night I grocery shopped and went to the gym, Tuesday night I worked @ WS, Wednesday night I had dinner and a margarita at my favorite eating drinking establishment, Frog & Turtle and then Thursday night, he was home!

I did however make some banana bread that turned out really nice. I also made some preserves, this time it was strawberry blueberry jam.... yum!

Every day of being a vegan is a learning experience. I just found out yesterday I cannot have Worcestershire sauce. I think I knew it had anchovies in it, but I think I forgot or blocked it out because of my deep seeded hatred of anything aquatic (to eat that is... love the animals - really) because once my very favorite bartender told me he'd make me a special batch of vegan Bloody Mary's for me for Sunday's brunch, I was perplexed for a minute and then when he brought out the bottle, it didn't come as a surprise.

Ya, so that's all I got. Another fairly uneventful week in my world.