So, since I've gone vegan, my brunch options have been nill. What's so hard about making a vegan waffle or blueberry pancake folks? Pre-vegan, my hubbie and I were regulars at The Frog and Turtle for, among other meals, brunch. One of my favorite parts about brunch was the Bloody Mary. Now, it's not just any Bloody Mary... it is a fantastic, mood altering, spicy concoction... best I've ever had.

Well, my favorite barkeep, Ian, seized the challenge and made me a vegan batch. So, guess where we had brunch this past Sunday? Granted, I had fruit for the meal part which wasn't exactly filling, despite how delicious and beautiful it was, but my Mary put a smile on my face all the same!

Now I just have to work on James and those vegan pancakes!